Anonymous: Have a practically perfect birthday, Loes!! 8'DDDD I hope today went really well for you and thank you so much for being so amazingly sweet to me!!! <3333333333 - Pepe

No need to thank me, you are wonderfully wonderful and everything was practically perfect. 💙 I love you lots and lots!! :)

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letmywordsbetruth: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎉🎊🎉

Thank youuu :3

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dolewhips-in-arendelle: Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Have an amazing day and eat lots of cake idk. Happy birthday!:-)

thank you you’re too sweet! :) <3

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oncerbat: Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

thank yuou!!!! and well i should sleep soon haha :D

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thegirlinthebyakko: It is your birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's awesome and filled with cake :DDD

THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS :D haha but there wasn’t any cake but that’s okay really :3

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inordertolivelife: Happy birthday!! Hope you have supercalifragilisticawesome day! :D

thank you sweetie <3

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damestreep: Happy birthday!!! Wish you all the best and beyond!

Thank you!!! :)

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I fed the birds at St. Paul’s.

Everyone else can go home now.

This is what made my birthday one of the most special and emotional days of my life.

A little while ago I found out that the house you can see in Saving Mr. Banks, is actually the house the real P.L. Travers lived in from somewhere in the 60ties until her death.

I planned it all out, which metro we should take, the way from the underground station to the street. It was the last thing we’d visit. And honestly, I was so nervous because of it the entire day. The place caries so much meaning for me. More than anything else I’ve ever had/seen/visited. P.L. Travers saved me with her Mary Poppins and for that I am so thankful. Every second of my life.

So when I spotted the house, I started sobbing, I just couldn’t hold it back anymore.I felt like I was going to faint, the emotions I was feeling were almost too overwhelming, It’s like the effect of hyperventilating, except that you weren’t doing that at all. It’s hard to desribe for me, but honestly the feeling was so intense. 

I also sewed a little star with Mary’s initials on it and threw it down the little oudoor basement of the house. I wanted to leave something there. Something of mine. So that I’ll always remember that there is something that ties me down to this place. That I belong here in this world. Because Mary wants me to be here. Because she’s family to me.


Thank you.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Travers.